Air China

Air China is the only airline company which carries national flag in China. As the leader in industry, it is the gateway to China, an ambassador of the country.


SINA is an online media company and MVAS provider in China. It is one of the most popular internet brands among Chinese viewers around the world


FAW-Volkswagen is a large joint-venture passenger vehicle manufacturer founded by FAW and Volkswagen in February, 1991. By adopting advanced technology and equipments, FAW-Volkswagen has developed many popular brands, such as Jetta, Bora, Golf, Sagita, Magotan, CC, Audi A4L, Audi A6L and Audi Q5 etc. It has become a well-developed passenger vehicle manufacturing base with an annual capacity of millions of vehicles, covering all series of passenger cars.


360 Technology is China’s leading security software and IT company. Based on IResearch, Security 360 is the most popular anti-Trojan and anti-hacking security software in China

New Oriental

Founded in 1993, New Oriental is the largest provider of private educational services in China. It has become the most recognized brand in the market. In 2006, it successfully joined the market in New York Security Exchange.

GF Securities

Gaungfa Securities, developed from the Securities Section of Guangdong Development Bank, is now the first comprehensive securities company in China.. After entering in the stock market in 2001, its total value stays ahead of other securities companies.

United Bank

United Bank is a new rural commercial bank approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission. It plans to open affiliated agencies in Hainan and sub-branch banks over China.


PICC is a comprehensive insurance company in China with registered capital of RMB1.55 billion and 58 years experience in industry.

Qingdao City Emblem

The emblem of Qingdao City consists of 3 colors: gold, purple and blue, which stand for the fascinating golden coast, the beauty and rich ocean culture of Qingdao. The shape of sailboat and letter Q, the initiate letter of Qingdao are combined into the emblem, highlighting the fact that Qingdao is the city of sailing and implying Qingdao is sailing into a new era.

Hainan Airlines

Founded in January, 1993, Hainan, Hainan airlines is one of the most dynamic and fastest-developing airlines in China. It strives to provide passengers with comprehensive and seamless service.

Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle

Aeolus is an indigenous brand owned by Dongfeng who specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling passenger vehicles.


PetroChina is the first company who produces lubricants in China. Kunlun Lubricant is the affiliated enterprise of PetroChina, specializing in lubricant production, development, sales and service.

BAIC Group

BAIHC Group is one of the five automotive giants in China.


Baofeng Video is one of China’s best video playing software, launched by Baofeng Network Co., Ltd. The player, compatible with most video and audio formats, caters to a wide variety of users.

National Aquatics Center

The Water Cube is the National Aquatic Centre firstly used in Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. It is also a landmark of the City of Beijing.

Foton Motor Group

Foton Motor was founded in August, 1996. By the year 2009, Foton’s brand asset had spiked to RMB33.97bn, ranking the third among all Chinese auto-makers, and the first in the commercial sector; and the sales of commercial vehicles had exceeded 600 thousand, ranking the first in the global market.

Lotte Mart

LOTTE is the fifth biggest corporation in Korea, with its business covering food and beverage industry, logistics, tourism, heavy industry, finance and other areas. LOTTE Mart supermarket is a very important part in its logistics business.


The Ministry of Commerce of China is a major functional department, responsible for the creation of strategy, directions, and policies of national trade and international cooperation.


Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. covers an area of 1.12m square meters in Zhengzhou Yutong Industrial Park. With an all-time high capacity of 120 sets per day, Yutong has grown into the largest and most advanced manufacturers of medium and large buses.

Minsheng Securities

Founded in 1986, Minsheng Securities is classified as a BBB institution under Class B, approved by China’s Securities Regulatory Commission.


Sinograin Corporation is a large state-owned enterprise that plays a crucial role in key branches of national security and economy.

United Family Hospitals

United Family Hospital and Clinics is a joint-venture healthcare organization by Chindex International and China Academy of Medical Sciences. In 2005, the hospital was awarded JCI accreditation and becomes one of the best healthcare providers in the world.


Deli Stationery is a local company specialized in producing and selling stationery in China. During recent 4 years, the company has been growing fast at an annual pace of RMB100m


State Nuclear Power is a state-owned backbone enterprise directly under the control of Central Government.

National Indoor Stadium

National Indoor Stadium is one of the three main venues of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Located in the south of Olympic Park, its total area is 6.87 hectares. Known as “Folding Fan”, National Indoor Stadium is the largest indoor stadium in Asia and has become the largest integrated indoor cultural and sport stadium with most advanced facilities in Beijing after scientific planning and restructuring.

Ownar Cineplex

Founded in 2003, Ownar is the only five-star cineplex in Northeast China and the first Cineplex themed “Space Walking” in China. Ownar not only brings movie culture into people’s life, introducing different values and aesthetics, but also leads the rise of Dalian movie market. It lays a solid foundation for the expansion and development of chain cinema, and it was the first case that private capital invests in film industry.

Hang Zhou

Hangzhou is one of the most famous tourist cities in China. In 2007, Hangzhou city government held a competition to the public for the prize of RMB200,000 in search of its own city logo.

Bank of Tibet

Bank of Tibet was founded by Tibet government and 14 other financial and corporative organizers. Bank of Communication, one of the strategic investors brings in comprehensive support, covering modern commercial bank system, operating & management system, HR, product R&D etc. Targeting at small & middle enterprises and urban & rural people, Bank of Tibet provides Tibet people with high-quality financial services.


In 2009, CCTV-2 was renamed “Finance Channel”, focusing more on its ability in financial analysis and criticism.

Changan Banquet

“Changan Banquet” is a play that depicts the life of 7 legendary ladies against the backdrop of Xi’an, the ancient capital of China: they are Empress Wu Zetian, Princess Wen Cheng, Imperial Consort Yang, Hua Mulan, Hong Fu Nv, and Meng Jiang Nv

Zhuhai Rural Commercial Bank

Zhuhai Rural Commercial Bank, former Zhuhai rural Credit Cooperatives, is the earliest financial organization of Zhuhai. It is also the most profitable local bank providing the most grass-roots service and with most operating networks and widest covering area. It restructured into a rural commercial bank in 2012.

Lotte Supermarket

Lotte Supermarket is a small-middle supermarket brand of Lotte Group - the largest food enterprise in Korea. Center in complex neighborhood, Lotte Supermarket sets a market strategy that adapts to business district and family lifestyle. Stressing its differences from competitors, Lotte attracts consumers with Korean elements and strives to build a brand experience of freshness and closeness.

Tibet Airs

Founded in May, 2010, Tibet Airlines is the first Tibet-based airline company, specialized in freight and passenger transport.

European Chamber

EUCC was founded in 2000, supported by the European Union and 51 local European businesses in China

Outlet (China)

Outlets China introduced a new type modern business model in which discount retail stores co-exists with other forms of business in China.


Founded in Sept. 2001, 21edu. Com is a Beijing-based education group devoted towards providing after-class instruction to pupils and high school students. Now the group has over 12000 employees in 200 branches in 51 cities of China.

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