Dongdao Creative Branding Group, Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Beijing, Dongdao has branches and offices in Shanghai,Guangzhou,Xian, Rome and Berlin. For many years, Dongdao has won a reputation for its design ideas and high efficiency as well as numerous domestic and international awards. Moreover, Dongdao has established itself as a top Chinese agency in brand design and management, a practitioner in the booming creative industry in China.


Throughout the years, we have accumulated rich experience in brand strategy, visualization and implementation. We believe in our expertise. We believe the power of a brand is essential in helping our clients to realize commercial goals, to fuel future development, and to enhance corporate values.


Each year, Dongdao attracts creative talents from all over China. Our staff is made up of experienced visual designers and brand consultants, many of whom are top graduates from famous art and design institutions. We also have a collaborative network of 24 international partners, with whom we have an annual designer exchange program so as to keep our creative talents on top of the latest trends and development on the global design level.


Since 1997, we have held the firm conviction to believe in our expertise. We go to great lengths to maintain the highest professional standards. We are proud of the many positive changes we have brought to Chinese enterprises through excellent design solutions. In the future, we will stay focused on corporate design and brand management. It is our aspiration not just to enhance the global stature of Chinese brands, but also to help world leading brands succeed in China.

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