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Brand identity is a comprehensive brand association created and maintained by a corporation to impress consumers and differ itself from competitors. It conveys the commitment of a corporation to consumers and becomes more comprehensive together with brand core value. A distinct brand identity is a must for a strong brand; for it can make the brand core value realized effectively. We provide a comprehensive set of brand identity solutions range from naming, VI design to CI roll-out, and our work have earned many awards over the past decade, both at home and abroad. Government departments, cultural, financial, IT, real estate industries are all among the clients we serve.


Logo Strategy & Design

Through analyzing the corporate, its employees and competitive ability, we can figure out the value of its mission, and come up with a well-matched brand strategy and creative design.

Visual Audit & Analysis

According to the brand positioning and its concept, we evaluate the visual experience of every touch point of a brand, externally and internally, so that we can accurately pinpoint the direction for brand design.

Mascot Design

Mascot design is to create a pictorial symbol to communicate with consumers directly. A lovable and enjoyable mascot can represent the characteristics of a company and vivifies its image. What’s more, a dynamic mascot can attract the public’s attention to make the consumers feel closer to the company.

Visual Identity System

Visual identity system can help customer establish a systemized visual experience that combines vivid and concise brand experience with new perspectives, and it can also optimize brand communication from visual perception.

VI Training & Roll-out

At the end of this section, we will prepare a VI user guidebook for employee training and brand behavior standardizing, to make sure the VI system can be accurately applied; therefore a systematic and unified visual perception is guaranteed.

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