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The ultimate goal of brand communication is to make it heard in market through creative methods. Under the guide of brand identity, we develop customized integrated marketing communication strategy for clients centering on corporate core value. And our one-stop service, ranging from data analysis, strategy developing, print and video creative solution, PR activity executing, networking marketing to long-term communication consulting, ensures the communication strategy implemented efficiently.



It includes communication data research, strategy developing, PR planning and implementation, network marketing and communication tracking & optimizing. Dongdao‘s long-term communication and media consultant service ensured by its data team and media resource can strongly support clients’ brand communication.


Communication is the essence of advertising, while creation is the soul. Through our creativity in new media advertising such as print, video, network and the like, Dongdao can accurately and effectively convert a brand’s strengths and characteristics into something acceptable and memorable, thus a positive brand association is created and its market recognition, brand favorite and loyalty are enhanced.


A brochure is a reflection of brand image and corporate spirit, rather than simply delivering basic information. Base on brand and visual positioning, Dongdao provides services, such as style design, typesetting and paper & printing suggestion etc. with the purpose to convey the corporation’s spirit and promote its brand image.


The whole process of an event, including planning, design, setting up, implementation and onsite management, and even post event communication is covered by Dongdao’ service. Event design service includes space, backdrop, sign-in board, invitation letter and the like for all kinds of forums, meetings, celebrations, conferences and so on. And all the design and material preparing is guaranteed by Dongdao’s high standard and its manufacture factory.

Audio & Video Identity

Dongdao audio & video identity sector mainly consists of processes of planning, shooting and producing of a corporate video. Base on a profound understanding of every customer, Dongdao strives to present the audience high-quality and memorable videos through developing the best scripts and applying new technologies in producing.

Other Design

Design of other materials, such as X-banner, POP, poster and folder can meet the needs of all-around communication.

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