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Our Interactive Design covers areas like website design & development, digital brand marketing, e-commerce, mobile APP development & design, and so on. We are also keeping an eye on the international commercial design trends and focusing on research and practice of web front-end, UED, SEO and SEM, with research results applied to many customers’ websites.


Website Design & Development

Want your website impress users at first sight and your products and services stand out among mass information on internet? That’s where Dongdao comes in. Supported by its experience in corporate identity design and brand innovation, and its internet talents, Dongdao gives a full expression of customers’ corporate spirit by unique visual language, and highlights their website by special characteristics, so that their brand experience and online competitiveness is promoted.

EC Website Building

More and more corporations are planning the construction of e-commercial website, both B2B and B2C companies. They know that online sales can bring infinite business opportunities. Dongdao can build an online sales platform and products system supported by strong backstage management functions, on which an e-commercial system can be quickly established, and activities like online sales, online payment, shipping rates calculation and order tracking can thus be carried out.

Website Planning

Planning is vital to a successful website, and it’s hard to meet the expectation in website building without overall planning. Base on a deep analysis of customer’s website, Dongdao team can give a set of solution on the sectors of website style, function module, content, online marketing strategy and website operational strategy, and that’s the core of website building.

Interactive Demonstration

It is an application to make browsers interact with the company or products. Web visitors can experience and feel all the features and functions of a product by browsing and operating on the pages. It is a perfect way to instill the information of the corporation and its product to visitors through interactive graphics, voice, videos and other media.

Marketing Website Building

Corporations are placing more and more importance on digital marketing for its advantages of accuracy, efficiency and high cost-effect. Base on online research, Dongdao integrates online communication platforms such as search engine, blog, forum, SNS、IM and QQ, then develop a communication plan, and apply it in marketing website building.

Website Operation

Our technicians and designers will work together to develop technological solutions that can be integrated with customer’s website in the best way. And we will work with the IT team from customer side and develop a method and process system for website maintaining to ensure a seamless interaction in using.


Website is the most important communication tool between consumers and corporations now, and it is all about experience. Our experience research tools can track users during the whole process, from entering the website to exiting, so we can make a user experience map basing on key touching points. By doing this we can improve user experience constantly, so that the ties between customers and companies and customer loyalty can be tightened.

Website Date Analysis

Our monitoring system keeps recording the important data like number of users and website environment & behavior, and through analyzing these data, we can optimize user clicking and anticipate the trend of market and users.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is a promoting activity integrating online ads, online PR and online interaction. With advance knowledge, systematic process and accurate implementation, we can provide professional creative advertising planning, product promoting game design and online ads design.

Mobile APP Development & Design

As smart phone and mobile internet develop rapidly, mobile and tablet PC APPs become an inevitable trend. We try our best to meet clients’ needs in mobile APP development and promotion. On one hand, we strive to design the best user experience and functions in APP developing; on the other hand, we help clients promote APPs to different mobile platforms after they are lunched, and tracking the data in APP operation to ensure its accuracy and effect.

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