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Product design is a key tactic to realize profit growth and corporate success. Our product design team has a comprehensive competence in product and packaging design. They see products and consumption from the perspective of marketing and help clients make their brands more marketable. Meanwhile, we have been working closely with international renowned design institutions, companies and designers for strategic cooperation. So far, our industry, product and packaging design has helped lots of clients’ brand equity grow dramatically.


Market and Marketing Analysis

Dongdao does a comprehensive research on product attribute, consumer awareness, product selling points, competitors, product display and the like, and comes to a pertinent conclusion that services as a solid foundation for product positioning, selling point extraction and promotion strategy developing. And at the same time all the analysis can collect the most effective information for product and packaging design and strategic design of series packaging.

Product line Planning

As a company grows, the increasing product categories and jumbled product lines are likely to cause problems in business decision making. Dongdao, however, can help customer, base on consumer’s needs, clarify a market-oriented product portfolio. With a unified and characteristic series packaging visual styles, the company’s competitive ability and sales can be promoted.

Concept Developing & Design

How do you make your products stand out among other competitors? A unique product concept or a special product design can help, and they can even become a “special weapon” to win more market shares. Dongdao product design team has a profound insight into marketing and Chinese consumers, so they can always bring effective designs following the principles of “reasonable and humanized”, not simply uniqueness oriented.

Naming and Packaging Design

Product name is a vital component of a product: a catchy name is likely to be easily remembered and effectively spread. It’s also true to packaging: a nice packaging can always stand out and make the product more popular. Dongdao’s comprehensive naming and packaging design service, including product naming, trademark inquiries, name registration, packaging design, packaging optimization, product display and so on, guarantees a seamless packaging design implementation.

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