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Air China

Air China is the only airline company which carries national flag in China. As the leader in industry, it is the gateway to China, an ambassador of the country.


PICC is a comprehensive insurance company in China with registered capital of RMB1.55 billion and 58 years experience in industry. It makes great contribution to Chinese insurance market and the stability of the country. PICC has left deep impression to Chinese people, but it lacks a visual standardization of its logo.


In 2009, CCTV-2 was renamed “Finance Channel”, focusing more on its ability in financial analysis and criticism. Its original logo could no longer suit the current needs of the channel.


PetroChina is the first company which produces lubricants in China. Kunlun Lubricant is the affiliated enterprise of PetroChina, specializing in lubricant production, development, sales and service.

The Water Cube

The Context The Water Cube is the National Aquatic Centre firstly used in Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. It is also a landmark of the City of Beijing.

Qilu Bank

Qilu Bank is the first urban commercial bank in Shandong and the fourth bank in China that have strategic relationships with foreign banks.

Hangzhou City Logo

Hangzhou is one of the most famous tourist cities in China. In 2007, Hangzhou city government held a competition to the public for the prize of RMB200,000 in search of its own city logo. There were 2,568 entries in the competition, more than the number of entries (1,994) in Beijing Olympic emblem design competition.

Jinshang Bank

Based in Shanxi province, Jinshang Bank is a joint-stock commercial bank in China. It is determined to inherit the pioneering spirit of Jin merchants and build a national brand, serving Shangxi, the whole nation and the world.

Laobaixing Pharmacy

Laobaixing Pharmacy is a private pharmacy retail chain with networks nationwide in China. It also does drug production and distribution.

Nanxing Pharmaceutical

Located in Nanjing Economic Development Park, Jiangsu Nanxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a subsidiary held by Jiangsu Kanlon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It is a modern traditional Chinese medicine enterprise specializing in medicine R&D, producing and sales.

Laoshe Teahouse

Laoshe Teahouse is named after the beloved Chinese artist, Laoshe and his well-known stage play Teahouse, established in 1988. It started from a small restaurant, selling traditional Beijing tea. Now it is a big and modern multi-functional entertainment centre of traditional Chinese art.


Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, the former Chongqing Credit Cooperatives with a history of over 50 years, has become the first rural commercial bank at provincial level in the west, and the third one nationwide after Shanghai and Beijing.

HOI JIT Tea House

HOI JIT Tea House is a self-owned brand by HOI JIT group who specializes in tea production and trade.

Spice Spirit Restaurant

Founded in 2002, the Spice Spirit builds on a brand-new concept which targets the “spicy-hot” market. It is a fad and a trend that cater to the needs, particularly of young men.


Delight City is a multi-functional shopping mall in Tianjin, China

Beijing Tonson Adhesive

Tonsan is a well-known producer of adhesives for engineering projects in China.

Arrail Dental Clinic

ARRAIL is a professional dentist supported by Chinese returned overseas experts and internationally renowned medical companies in China.


Founded in 1998, Chongqing Taishan Cable is a leading corporation in national wire and cable industry. It is within top 10 Chinese companies in wire and cable industry, with registration fund of RMB172 million.


Yorhome (previously Shanghai Jinlu) is an online platform for housing information and exchange. It aims to develop as a one-stop provider of real estate business, construction materials, interior design, housing information and financial real estate loan.


Brand strategy is a corporate strategy that centered in building strong brands. It sets goals, principles and guiding strategies for brand building on the level of corporate management, and establishes “constitution” for brand building tactics and behaviors. We help customers solve problems in brand managing and long-term development by programming a clear brand strategy.


Brand Consulting

Brand building changes all the time, goals in different phases and changing market affect its methods and processes. So we are glad to get involved in the brand building of every customer as an exclusive consultant, thus we can have a comprehensive knowledge of your brand development, and serve you with best brand consulting service.

Brand Analysis & Evaluation

Through analyzing the delivering of brand value, market performance and its prospect in future competition, Dongdao helps customer get a profound insight of its brand’s competitiveness and wellness.

Brand Definition

Base on brand analysis and evaluation, and taking brand strategy and business development needs into account, we pinpoint the positioning and value of the brand, the core of communication between brand and market & customers. An accurate brand definition can strengthen self-cognition of the brand owner, and more importantly, it can build a core information system for brand marketing and communication.

Brand Portfolio

For a diversified corporation, a clear and scientific brand portfolio plays a significant role in brand equity accumulation and optimization. After analyzing all brands of the corporation, a clear and efficient brands relation can be clarified and built, thus the corporation can manage its brands more scientifically and integrate its brands resources efficiently.

Communication Strategy

To better realize its business plan, a brand needs to build expected brand association by strategically communicating its brand value, concept and personality. Dongdao believes that brand communication must be well planned, and only a systematic planning process including setting goals and principles and making plans, can guarantee an efficient communication towards the right direction.

Communication Implementation

Directed by brand definition and communication strategy, we provide an integrated marketing communication implementation, to help customers promote its brand merchandising.

Brand Writing

Branding writing is a systematic tactic to efficiently and accurately deliver the information value and functions of a brand. With the help of tagline, slogan, naming and brand story it can build a basic recognition for a brand, and reminds customers of this brand constantly.

Culture Analysis & Building

Corporate Culture building follows a process of culture analysis, culture guiding analysis, core concept & functional idea system building and behavior identity system establishing. Through a deep analysis on its history, present situation and its outlook, we can help the corporate develop a forward-looking cultural system that meets the needs of corporate culture developmen.

Corporate Culture Input

The significance of corporate culture is that it can unify employees’ value and thus fuel the development of the corporation, and employees’ profound understanding of corporate culture is the foundation to realize its value. Dongdao can assist customer with corporate culture input with professional methods, and make the value of corporate culture realized.

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