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It is corporate environment and space that makes the corporate seen by customers; and a perfect environment and space can build a perfect brand image, so corporate environment and space play an important role in continuing brand communication. At the same time, signage system enables the communication between environment and people: a good signage system conveys the characteristics and opinions of a corporation besides providing correct information. So far, Dongdao is one of the most authoritative professional signage design and consulting agency in China and Asia.


Signage Design

Base on sufficient and scientific analysis on space and flow of passengers, we develop a plan of signage distribution. In design, we take function, feelings, culture and emotion needs into consideration, with the intention to produce a perfect solution. Our signage design can be applied in office building, residence, industry/creative parks, commercial squares, architectures and public service buildings (hospital, park, air port, traffic hub and others)

Space Visual Design

To give a brand’s visual identity a perfect touch in its space, Dongdao has been exploring and researching proactively, meanwhile we have been exchanging ideas with international design partners constantly. So Dongdao’s designs can always combine Chinese characteristics with international aesthetic. Through client interview and culture analysis, comprehensive and accurate information about client is collected, thus the impression of space and the brand’s personality can be unified. What’s more user guidebook, client training and supervision in sample store construction guarantee a seamless implementation of our design.

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