Logo + Visual Identity

Brand identity is a comprehensive brand association created and maintained by a corporation to impress consumers and differ itself from competitors. It conveys the commitment of a corporation to consumers and becomes more comprehensive together with brand core value. A distinct brand identity is a must for a strong brand; for it can make the brand core value realized effectively. We provide a comprehensive set of brand identity solutions range from naming, VI design to CI roll-out, and our work have earned many awards over the past decade, both at home and abroad. Government departments, cultural, financial, IT, real estate industries are all among the clients we serve.

Brand + Strategy

Brand strategy is a corporate strategy that centered in building strong brands. It sets goals, principles and guiding strategies for brand building on the level of corporate management, and establishes “constitution” for brand building tactics and behaviors. We help customers solve problems in brand managing and long-term development by programming a clear brand strategy.

Space + Signage

It is corporate environment and space that makes the corporate seen by customers; and a perfect environment and space can build a perfect brand image, so corporate environment and space play an important role in continuing brand communication. At the same time, signage system enables the communication between environment and people: a good signage system conveys the characteristics and opinions of a corporation besides providing correct information. So far, Dongdao is one of the most authoritative professional signage design and consulting agency in China and Asia.

Interactive + Website

Our Interactive Design covers areas like website design & development, digital brand marketing, e-commerce, mobile APP development & design, and so on. We are also keeping an eye on the international commercial design trends and focusing on research and practice of web front-end, UED, SEO and SEM, with research results applied to many customers’ websites.

Product + Packaging

Product design is a key tactic to realize profit growth and corporate success. Our product design team has a comprehensive competence in product and packaging design. They see products and consumption from the perspective of marketing and help clients make their brands more marketable. Meanwhile, we have been working closely with international renowned design institutions, companies and designers for strategic cooperation. So far, our industry, product and packaging design has helped lots of clients’ brand equity grow dramatically.

Ads & Communication

The ultimate goal of brand communication is to make it heard in market through creative methods. Under the guide of brand identity, we develop customized integrated marketing communication strategy for clients centering on corporate core value. And our one-stop service, ranging from data analysis, strategy developing, print and video creative solution, PR activity executing, networking marketing to long-term communication consulting, ensures the communication strategy implemented efficiently.

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