The People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China


PICC is a comprehensive insurance company in China with registered capital of RMB1.55 billion and 58 years experience in industry. It makes great contribution to Chinese insurance market and the stability of the country. PICC has left deep impression to Chinese people, but it lacks a visual standardization of its logo.


Challenge 1: PICC has become widely-recognized and there is little room for us to make any big change to the original version. Challenge 2: PICC is a representative of Chinese insurance companies in the international market, and it is not only a challenge to the art strength but also to the brand concept of Dongdao


We gave the original logo a subtle touch so that the brand value can be easily carried on to the new logo. The new red logo is seen as passionate, full of energy and positive attitude. The letter font is simple and identifiable. In all, the new logo reflects PICC’s strong performance which is open to great opportunities. We also refined the whole VI system for PICC.

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