BRICS China 2017


About The Summit was traditionally called BRIC including China, Brazil, Russia and India. In December 2010, China, as the Chair, invited South Africa to join BRIC, which then officially enlarged to include 5 countries and the acronym changed into BRICS. The Summit has then become an annual event. BRICS cooperation has continued to consolidate its foundation and expanded to more areas.


 Design The main component of the 2017 BRICS Summit Logo resembles both full sails and a rotating earth, painted in 5 colors representing the 5 BRICS countries. The symbolism is two-fold: BRICS countries breaking the waves in the same boat towards a brighter future; and BRICS playing an important role in global political and economic affairs. The logo brings out the theme of the Summit ‘BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future’, and brims with the distinct marine culture of the host city Xiamen. At the bottom are the English words BRICS 2017 CHINA and a red seal reading China, highlighting China’s BRICS Chairmanship for 2017. The seal is engraved in Big Seal Script or Dazhuan, an ancient Chinese calligraphic style, giving the logo a specific touch of the traditional Chinese culture.


BRICS China 2017


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