Qipao Town


Inheriting the thousand-year prosperity of Wujiang and enriched with Jiangnan customs, Qipao Town reforges the elegant and graceful Jiangnan lifestyle, as well as representing the splendid silk culture. Cultural tourism concerning Chinese ancient town has experienced a long development. However, most cultural brands adopt common features, lacking a distinct personality. As a result, we created a unique logo to distinguish Qipao Town from other Chinese towns.


 The logo comprises the image of a Jiangnan lady wearing Cheongsam and the image of Suzhou-style architecture. We extracted the brushwork of Mr. Guanzhong WU (a great master in painting and drawing) to generate the logo in a modern and abstract manner. The gable roof in our creation appears like both an eave and an oiled paper umbrella held by a Jiangnan lady, thus combining elements elegantly.   

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