Cargo Club is one of the famous night clubs in Beijing. An increasingly younger crowd was longing for a brand image which would convey the expressive landscape and mood of the fashion and cultural 'stage' here in China's capital city.


 Our creation is composed of two rays of light focusing on the stage. Two rays of light are black and white, while the others are colored, a common and popular feature in Chinese night clubs. The joining-together of two lazer lights symbolizes the mergence between Eastern and Western cultures as well as music in general. As an entity, the logo looks like a five-pointed star, which represents the very symbol of the Beijing hard rock scene. From another point of view, the black & white light resonates with traditional Chinese painting, whereas the colored one points towards Western fashion. This can also be found in the subsequent visual presentation which also conveys a combined visual theme of the ink painting and neon light. The sprayed ink clashes on traditional stone lions: The Temple of Heaven, the Beijing Opera, which symbolize a kind of madness and rebel expression/impression towards night clubs, as well as people’s expressive emotions.

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