Saving Water


Our Waters Initiative is a non-profit program initiated by China Entrepreneur Club and international environment protection organizations such as WWF and TNC, advocating saving water. The program is founded with the hope to draw attention of all companies, more importantly, to encourage enterprises to make efforts to develop a scientific management method of water.


 In the logo of Our Waters Initiative, seal character “水” showing the mobility of water and Taiji Bagua pattern which focuses on the balance between “Yin” and “Yang” are combined together in the logo. Meanwhile, letter “S”, is also integrated in the logo, conveying the idea of “save”. The print Ads of Our Waters Initiative follows the concept of its logo: the smart Bagua pattern formed by blue water shows the advocates of “saving water and reduce pollution”. The logo is designed by Mr. Xie Jianjun, the founder of Dongdao Design.

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