KunLun Lubricant


PetroChina is the first company which produces lubricants in China. Kunlun Lubricant is the affiliated enterprise of PetroChina, specializing in lubricant production, development, sales and service.


Challenge 1: It was a great challenge to narrow the gap between high product quality and affordable prices. Challenge 2: it was challenging for us to design a VI system for such a world-class energy group as PetroChina which has experienced a sharp hike in its lubricant oil business over the recent years.


Since 2004, we have been providing on-going brand services to Kunlun Lubricant from brand management, future development plans, to packaging design. We also invited Prof. Theinert, former designer for Benz Headquarter in Germany in this project. We created a whole VI system for Kunlun and developed a color system and supplementary graphics to enhance the visual appeal of the brand.

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