Operated in Beijing, Hongzhuangyuan is a chain catering company that specializes in Chinese food. Self-positioned as the inheritor and promoter of Chinese traditional food culture, Hongzhuangyuan is dedicated in promoting Chinese food culture and new dishes development.


New logo has “宏状元”as the main part so that it can highlight the brand name. The rounded handwriting indicates宏状元’s cozy and homelike services. The previous 3 sequential rotundities standing for ”元” (highest learning degrees in ancient China) are now beneath “宏状元” and make the new logo more balanced.  

What the three sequential rotundities (元) stand for:
1st rotundity: Seal character “宏” is written in the first rotundity and becomes the highlight of the brand name.
2nd rotundity: The three auspicious clouds show “宏状元”’s feature as a catering business, for the shape of auspicious cloud is always linked to tasty food in Chinese food culture.      
3rd rotundity: Chinese Characters “状元及第” (zhuang yuan ji di, meaning got the highest degree in learning) and copper coin are combined together to show luck and fortune, and the meaning of  “状元及第” corresponds well to “宏状元”’s, too.

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