Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank


Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, the former Chongqing Credit Cooperatives with a history of over 50 years, has become the first rural commercial bank at provincial level in the west, and the third one nationwide after Shanghai and Beijing.


The old logo of Chongqing Credit Cooperatives was no longer able to represent the newly established bank. CRCB wanted to have a brand new corporate image which could reflect its wider scope of business at a higher level to the public and its clients.


The new design is centered on the initial letter of Chongqing “C”, reflecting the locality of the bank. The triangle in the circle combines the qualities of Yangtze River and mountainous Chongqing city, Red stands for passion and boldness that are inherent in Chongqing people. The combination of red, black and white is typical of Chinese water ink paintings.

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