Bank of Tibet


Bank of Tibet was founded by Tibet government and 14 other financial and corporative organizers. Bank of Communication, one of the strategic investors brings in comprehensive support, covering modern commercial bank system, operating & management system, HR, product R&D etc. Targeting at small & middle enterprises and urban & rural people, Bank of Tibet provides Tibet people with high-quality financial services.


There are two key elements in the new logo: Mountain – height and persistence Known as “The roof of the world”, most part of Tibet is above 4000 meters in elevation. So mountains covered with snow are the most typical features of Tibet, which makes Tibet enchanting. The mountain covered with snow in the logo represents Tibet and its high standard on itself and ceaseless pursuit of excellence.   Water – nourishment for all creatures In Tibet culture, blue stands for sky and green stands for water, and water is the symbol of endless fortune. Water also nourishes all creatures on earth. The water element in the logo implies that Bank of Tibet will bring happy life to Tibet people by its higher-quality services.

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